How to show saved button

Jun 22, 2011 at 4:12 PM

Thos sample code below shows how to create button (it will be saved under saved buttons in my paypal acc.) and then display it on the page. Every time you run this code new button is created in my paypal acc. ! - how can i display already saved button based on its ID - there is no PayPal.ButtonManager.AddToCartButton.Show() method ?! You can update or delete saved buttons based on ID but how do you show saved button ?

    var payPalButton = PayPal.ButtonManager.AddToCartButton.Create(
         business : "{sellerEmail}",
         itemName : "My Product",
         amount : "99.99");
    HtmlString payPalButtonHtml = new HtmlString(payPalButton.WebSiteCode);